Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Candidates for Binibini at Ginoong Cagayan 2012

The Binibining Cagayan may probably be the most anticipated event for the Aggao Nac Cagayan 2012 celebration. (and so is the Ginoong Cagayan if you're into guys) The Bb. Cagayan 2012 will be on June 28 (Thursday) at 7PM while the Ginoong Cagayan will be on June 24 (Sunday) also set to start at 7PM. Both activities will be held at the Cagayan Sports Complex. The Pre-pageant and Presscon for Bb. Cagayan will be held at Paseo Reale Mall on June 26 (Tuesday).

The question now is, who are the candidates? Watch the following teasers

Binibining Cagayan

Ginoong Cagayan

You can also check out the photos of the candidates:

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