Colleges and universities in Cagayan offer quality education, in fact, the best schools in the Region and in the country can be found here at Cagayan. Here is a list of the colleges and universities in the province of Cagayan.
1.       Cagayan State University
·         Aparri Campus
·         Andrews Campus
·         Carig Campus
·         Gonzaga Campus
·         Lal-lo Campus
·         Lasam Campus
·         Piat Campus
·         Sanchez Mira Campus
·         Main Campus
·         New Site Campus
6.       Lyceum of Aparri
7.       F.L. Vargas College
·         Main Campus
·         Caritan Campus
·         Abulug Campus
·         Penque Campus
8.       Maila Rosario College
9.       John Wesley College
10.   Lyceum of Lal-lo
11.   Credo Domine College
12.   Central Colleges of the North
13.   Metropolitan Institute of Technology
16.   AMA Computer College Tuguegarao Campus
17. Lyceum of Tuao
18. St. Joseph College
19. MCN College
20. Philippine Law Enforcement College

For any corrections or additions to my list, feel free to leave a comment. Thank you.

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